The Best Protein Flapjacks Recipe

Flapjacks may have a reputation as a sweet treat, but dive into the nutritional stats and you can easily start to justify them as a smart source of energy for high-intensity and endurance activities. Add in some protein, as in this quick-and-easy protein flapjack recipe, and you get an all-rounder that’s convenient to eat after a workout, and the perfect alternative to protein bars if you’d rather have a home-made high-protein snack.

The recipe uses whey protein powder and if you don’t already have a tub of the stuff handy, check our round-up of the best protein powders. You can use any flavour of whey protein you fancy for the flapjack, but remember you’ll also be adding honey to the mix so this may be an occasion when the otherwise unpalatable unflavoured option works.

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